Staffan Nöteberg

Mobile: +46 708 62 88 88
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Book: (English)
Book: Pomodorotekniken (Swedish)
Book: アジャイルな時間管理術 ポモドーロテクニック入門 (Japanese)
Book: Die Pomodoro-Technik in der Praxis (German)
Book: 시간을 요리하는 뽀모도로 테크닉 (Korean)
Book: 番茄工作法图解:简单易行的时间管理方法 (Chinese)

“Investment in knowledge pays the best interest”


9 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Tarek Demiati 2009-11-30 at 07.44

    Hi Staffan,

    Would I break the Pomodoro process if I decide to go for 48 minutes work increment + 12 minutes of pause, instead of increment of 25 minutes + 5 minutes of paus

    Best Regards from France

  2. 2 Juven Xu 2010-05-4 at 13.53

    Hi, Staffan:

    You book is awesome, I’ve read it twice and am practicing the Pomodoro Tech.
    I wrote a post on your book in Chinese:

    Thanks for your work!

    Juven from China

  3. 3 Staffan Nöteberg 2010-05-4 at 15.28

    Thanks Juven!

    I’m glad that you also mentioned that Turing Book will soon publish a Chinese translation of Pomodoro Technique Illustrated. Maybe you can tell me then if the translation is any good :-)

    BTW: I asked Google to translate your review into English:

  4. 4 Staffan Nöteberg 2010-05-4 at 15.47

    In most cases it’s best to start with 25 minutes. If you notice after some weeks that you hardly ever get interruptions and that you are still 100% focused in the end of the timebox, then you may experiment with longer timeboxes. It’s an adaptive method.

  5. 5 Juven Xu 2010-05-4 at 15.49

    I’m not sure if I will buy another Chinese Edition :), But I can go to the bookstore and take a look ;)

    Actually I wanted to be the translator, but I don’t have time :(

  6. 6 Adrian Salceanu 2011-01-18 at 19.06

    Hi Staffan,

    I’m a reader of your book and a pomodoro practitioner ever since reading it (about 1 year ago). I loved it – much better than the original pomodoro book; sorry Francesco, it’s the truth :)
    I’ve also wrote a review on my blog, a month ago:

    I’m a web developer and I’ve been using the technique on a daily basis. The minimalist approach with pen / paper / timer is great, but after a while I begun having problems accepting the non-DRY work flow. Copying tasks from one list to the other, writing them by hand daily, evaluating the data manually – when all the data is in there, felt like a huge productivity loss.

    So I tried a lot of pomodoro applications, but I was very disappointed to see that they were nothing but gratified timers with red colors. They were totally missing the point of the technique, in regards to the activity inventory, daily to dos and all the rest.

    So finally, after using Excel spreadsheets for a while, I decided to scratch my itch and build a web application that implements the complete pomodoro stack.

    Which brings me to my question – I have read that you also act as a consultant for companies looking to implement the technique. If you’d be so kind, I would like to contract you for a few hours to evaluate the application – in terms of pomodoro implementation, work flow, interface, etc.

  7. 7 Staffan Nöteberg 2011-01-18 at 20.36

    Thanks for your story, Adrian!

    About consultancy service: send me an email (address above) and we can discuss it.

  8. 8 Adrian Salceanu 2011-01-21 at 18.45

    It was my pleasure Staffan, the book was worth writing about.

  9. 9 Keyur Shah 2011-01-31 at 22.07

    Hello Staffan,

    I really liked your book, especially how you wrapped so many different ideas from various sources and created a nice complete picture on time management. Great work!

    I also very much liked your graphics in the book. I would love it if you had some time, if you could make a video showing how you create a mind map. I liked the organic shapes and coloring you use.

    If you have any recommendations on books for visual diagramming, that would be great.

    Thank You!

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