Samurai and Rock Star

To be invited to speak at conferences around the world has many advantages. One is that you meet other authors. Ed Burns and Jonathan Rasmusson are two of them.

I Agile Smuraimet Jonathan Rasmusson in Chicago last summer at Agile2009. He was then struggling with his upcoming book. I asked curiously when he expected the book to be released. Hopefully within a few months, he answered. A few months happened to be almost a year, but now it’s released. The title is “The Agile Samurai — How Agile Masters Deliver Great Software” which describes exactly what it is. There are many Agile books out there, but this one is different. Firstly, even though it’s published by Pragmatic Bookshelf it has a style similar to O’Reilly’s Head First series . Pictures and text are mixed in a way that make learning easy. Secondly, this is more of an in-his-own-words book than the usual Agile book. The book describes Agile ideas instead of defining the Scrum terminology. If you’re interested in Agile, on whatever level, you should read this book.

Last Rock Star Programmersmonth I met Ed Burns in Poland at the GeeCON2010 Java conference. He recently released a new version of his JSF book. But, what caught my attention was another book from 2008. During one of his sessions at GeeCON he replayed interviews with people like Rod Johnson, James Gosling and Andy Hunt. Those interviews were originally recorded for the book “Riding the Crest — Secrets of the Rockstar Programmers.” It’s a book were thought leaders from our own industry shares what they think about entrepreneurs, what makes them productive and how their career affected their private life? The answers go in all directions.

Pomodoro Technique Illustrated -- New book from The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC


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